Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Weedon Island Preserve

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     Weedon Island Preserve is a 3700 acre nature preserve located on the western shore of Tampa Bay in Pinellas County.  Several miles of trails wind their way through scrub and along marshes and boardwalks through wetland areas and out to the water.  It is home for several species of marsh birds and raptors.  
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There is also a visitor/cultural center but once away from that it's all undeveloped ecosystem so dress for rough going and bring your own water and food.  
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To get there from Tampa or any points east take I-275 west and once the Howard Franklin Bridge is crossed exit at 4th Street North and head south. Turn left on Gandy Blvd then right on San Martin Blvd NE (watch out that you don't end up on the Gandy Bridge because the next turn around isn't until you get back to Tampa). The preserve is open 7am until just before sunset 365 days a year. Follow the link for more info.

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