Thursday, October 13, 2011

Lettuce Lake Park

Lettuce Lake Park is located at 6920 E Fletcher Avenue in Tampa, Florida.  Wedged between the road and the Hillsborough River it is a 240 acre park consisting of wetland, scrub and old growth hardwood.  Very accessible to the public paved trails run all through the park making it ideal for jogging, strolling, strolling with strollers and dogs on leashes are allowed.

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  A boardwalk runs the perimeter of south shore of the lake with a four tier tower located near the west end of the walk.   The lake and park ecosystem supports a great variety of marsh birds, raptors and reptiles plus migratory species depending on the time of year.   On weekends the park is teaming with couples with strollers so if one is seeking the solitude offered by nature or to take pictures of the natural denizens it's best to go early.  
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Park hours during the spring/summer is from 8am to 730pm seven days a week.  There is a two buck admission fee, bring your own food and beverages because there are no concessions.  Canoe and kayak rentals are newly available at the park.   For more information go to the link provided below.